Anonymous asked:
Really 20? I thought more.

Life shouldn’t revolve around your follower count.

jamaican-kool-aid asked:
do you really only have 20 followers??

I wish. Tumblr would be hella chill if so :l I have a couple thousand

kingkwammae asked:
Yooooo your Blog is amazing beyond dope, keep the love the love flowing shorty

Much love, thank you 👐👐👐

joshybehr asked:
Hook it up with Chinese food. (:

That’s the first thing everyone mentions when they find out I work at a Chinese restaurant :l but come throuuuuuughhh. Steam rice for days 😂

"I’ve been letting my mind wander at night. My thoughts should have a curfew."

AM Kidd (via bredled)