Anonymous asked:
hip hop is not a trend, chilll


Anonymous asked:
Calm the fuck the down..You have a small to moderate collection of vinyl & all of a sudden you feel so self-righteous and think you can correct someone because they mistakenly used the word in plural form.

YOOOOOOOOO hahahha are you the same person that messaged me about my captions? Hahah anyway, I don’t have a right to inform someone on a mistake? I simply stated it for him to take note of. I stated it earlier as well, so once again, you can calm down. Whether my collect was to be large or not, I would still let him know how to properly say it. 😁✌ all love yo, no need to be offened by something that was not meant for you in the first place.

Anonymous asked:
when and where can we meet ?

When you come off anonymous. Nowhere considering you’re still anonymous :l

fxghtclvb asked:
How many vinlys do you have?

IT’S VINYL!! 🙀😭 JUST VINYL, NOT VINYLS! 😭 just call them vinyl discs 😔 anyway Hahah, I have 5 & 1/2 crates 🎶

Anonymous asked:
Pretty cool I like them go to downtown Portland (:

If I end up heading up towards Seattle, I’ll definitely make a quick stop (:

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